“As an extreme endurance athlete and vegan, I have come to understand the importance of high quality fats and essential fatty acids. Udo's Oil has become a part of my total nutritional support system, improving my performance, speeding recovery, and providing long term health benefits. 

Udo's Oil takes the guess work out of balancing essential fatty acids. I can rest assured that I now am a WELL oiled machine!”

7 Time Western States 100 mile endurance run and 
Badwater Ultramarathon champion

“I am convinced that this oil has been the key to a “transformation” in my physical fitness. Better still, it feels like the longer I’m on the oil, the better things get! I’m convinced that as the inflammation in my body reduces (as a direct result of using the oil) my body will continue to improve. I’m absolutely beside myself with excitement at this prospect! 

My power output has not only remained but INCREASED, my energy levels are unbelievably solid and my endurance has drastically increased.”

Antony Galvan – Cyclist
World Silver Medalist and Current World Record Holder

“The benefits of the oil for me were outstanding across the board - tremendous gains for me as an athlete. Speed, strength, stamina, endurance and recovery.”

Jon Andersen -
International Strongman
2003 North American Strongest Man Champion

“Since I started taking Udo’s Oil my own sugar cravings have quelled, my skin feels like butter and I am leaner! I have used Udo’s Oil on every one of my personalized fitness retreats with unbelievable results. I’ve seen my clients:

• Lose tremendous amounts of body fat
• Experience significant relief from acing joints
• Feel less depressed
• Sleep better”

Ashley Borden -
NHCA Certified Personal Trainer
Celebrity fitness and lifestyle coach
Co-author of “Your Perfect Fit”

“After using the Oil, my stamina, energy, recovery and state of injuries were remarkable! Recovery between sets was almost instant unlike before.  Recovery after workouts was also excellent with no real aches and pains.  Joint mobility felt better on the oil and most importantly no joint pains like before.  I noticed that the quality of my sleep improved. ”

Lee Cripps
Recreational Boxer

“Before starting the Udo's Oil study, I was a poor runner and usually tired very quickly.  After just 4 weeks into the study, I began to run much faster and farther!  I also felt refreshed after each run, like I could continue on a lot longer.  My recovery time from a heavy weightlifting session went form 72 hours to 24 hours!"  

Mike Joseph
World Powerlifting Titleholder

I just ran the North Face 50K Sat. Was training real hard for it and then got strep the week before. I ran it while still on meds... yow.  Either way, I took two tablespoons and a half of Udos every day for 2 weeksbefore the race, and am still taking it. Even though I was ill, I ran that race very hard and fast. I was 2nd F and 5th overall until the aid station at mile 22. I sort of lost it and sat down instead of running through the station. I was exhausted for sure. I let a handful of people pass me, then I changed my bad attitude and ran the rest just as strong. I let 3 women pass and about 10 guys, but maintained my place until mile 30. I finished 5th woman and 17th overall. I wanted to be top 3 women, but I am very happy with top 5.

The things I notice the most about the oil are that I somehow trimmed down by about 3-5 pounds (even while tapering!), and I must say that I have never recovered from a race so quickly! I felt queasy for a few hours, which is very normal, but I did not feel deep aching hunger pangs, which keep me up in the night for about 3 nights. I also have no soreness in my legs, and a ton of energy, even an hour after the race! 

Not quite sure what to attribute to the oil, all I know is that my recovery is going strangely smooth, and the oil is the only thing I have done different.

Barbara Evans
Ultra Runner

“After only six weeks on Udo’s Oil Blend, I matched my previous best lifts in Olympic Weightlifting. My endurance and energy levels were noticeably improved and my recovery time between workouts was shorter. My joints operated in a very fluid fashion without any pain or glitches. Since I have never been inclined to the “placebo effect,” I would have to say the changes are real and lasting!”

Coach Doug Briggs - Ph.D., Physical Education, NSCA CSCS, 
Director of Human Performance - US ARMY/MWR at Fort Bliss. 
USA National Master title holder in Olympic Weightlifting

“Since I started taking Udo's 3•6•9 Blend daily, I have noticed a significant difference in my overall strength, endurance and recovery. With my time constrained, busy schedule, I have never been disciplined to take supplements before on any kind of regular basis, but Udo's provides all the omega fats I need in one shot.”

Kathleen A. Jobes
2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier - Marathon

"Reduced joint pain, weight loss, improved digestion, faster recovery, clear skin, balanced energy, reduced food cravings and improved performance are all benefits my clients and I have gained from adding Udo's oil to our diets.  There is simply no better choice for your dietary fat intake."

Justin Hagen
Personal Trainer & Performance Coach

"I noticed an improvement in my overall strength, explosive power and endurance with more complete recovery. I did not get winded when performing cardio which allowed me to increase my cardio time without the use of my asthma inhaler. My skin looked brighter, more refreshed and my skin tone was even with no acne.  My hair was thicker and less dull and my nail beds grew stronger."

Dione Wessels
President - American Strongman Corporation
Vice-President - North American Strongman Inc.
Competitive Strongwoman

“I achieved a real benefit in muscular endurance.  I recovered more quickly between sets. Joint mobility and general joint function also improved. I had suffered with my knees and ankles for many years and there was a noticeable improvement in joint tenderness.  I slept more soundly and had more energy.”

Antonio Licchelli
Martial Artist
Fitness Trainer & Motivational Speaker

“I started using Udos oil in October of 2008. Within a month I noticed an enormous difference in my ability to recover from strenuous track workouts, plyometric training and weightlifting. I use the oil in salad dressings and as a dipping oil for bread and veggies. My main recovery drink after workouts is a shake I make from organic yogurt, Udos oil, brewers yeast, bananas, and honey. I have not been injured or have had any set-backs since starting the oil even though I am training at a higher intensity (in preparation for Masters Worlds in Finland in August of 09). I am extremely pleased with the results of using Udos. I believe this product is a "must have" for all competitive athletes.

An interesting sidebar to using Udos is an experience I had with my daughter this past winter. She had a terrible case of dry patchy itchy skin which totally disappeared after I put her on two tablespoons of Udos every day. We also rubbed a small amount directly on her skin. 

What a remedy!!!! So my suggestion is Udos is not only crucial for  athletes but indispensable for the general population as well.

Much success to you and your company. I just love this oil and will continue to sing its virtues for as long as I can."  

Lorraine Jasper
2005-06 Mid-Atlantic Master
Track and Field Athlete of the Year
8 Time National Age Group Champion
2 World Records -- 4x400 -- 4x800 --anchor leg



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