Developed for people appreciate the benefits of Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil but need an exact amount of DHA.

Udo’s DHA Oil Blend® is an excellent vegetarian source of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) - algae-derived. The DHA oil is for people who appreciate all the properties of Udo’s 3•6•9 Oil Blend® but want the added benefits of an exact amount of DHA.

It is also good for those who may not have enough starting material (ALA), possibly caused by dietary or genetic factors.

Where do fish get their DHA from?
DHA in fish oil has its origins in the algae that fish eat! For humans, there is a more effective route to consuming DHA than killing fish. Specifically, the DHA product used in Udo’s DHA Oil Blend is called “life'sDHA”, a vegetarian source of DHA, derived from algae by Martek Biosciences Corp. (NASDAQ:MATK). The amazing DHA-producing algae are grown in a controlled, patented process that eliminates any risk of environmental contamination. Added to Udo's Choice 3-6-9 Oil Blend, the No. 1-selling combination oil in the market, life'sDHA™ provides all the benefits of fish-based DHA with none of the disadvantages.

  • 100 mg DHA, 40 mg ALA, 3 mg of EPA per 1tbsp serving
  • VEGETARIAN and Unrefined formulation!
  • No hexane used in processing
  • The new formulation retains all the benefits of Udo's Choice 3-6-9 Oil Blend
  • No methyl mercury, PCBs or dioxin, no high-temperature processing
  • No fishy taste or smell
  • Certified organic, vegetarian ingredients, produced under Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Packaged in environmentally friendly dark amber glass and boxed to protect from light.

The algae are marine algae originating from the ocean, BUT cultivated in fresh water fermentation tanks in an indoor facility. This way any contamination is controlled, so there are no PCB’s or toxins commonly associated with regular ocean water. Udo’s Choice bottling plant receives the oil in its unrefined and undeodorised state - and in this state it contains extra nutrients. (Other companies use the oil after it has been refined and deodorized, destroying some of it’s nutritional value).

The algae used in this product do not perform photosynthesis. They are single celled algae and are unrelated to spirulina, chlorella, or blue-green algae. They are fed glucose, oxygen, and nitrogen in order to thrive and grow; it is through this growth and fermentation that the algae produce DHA.

Extraction Process
The extraction of DHA oil from the algae is done at a GMP and Kosher certified facility without the use of any GMO products. The extraction process does NOT use hexane to remove the oil from the algae. The method of extraction used is the best to get the highest quality DHA without further refining such as would be necessary with hexane. Once the algae have matured, fermented and produced DNA, they are put on low heat in a rotary evaporator, blasted with nitrogen gas for a few hours, and then tested for solvent residue, fatty acid content, microbial levels, heavy metal and pesticide levels, and a rancidity scan to ensure it is a quality and clean product.

The DHA oil is unrefined so no chemicals or bleaches are used on it at all. This also means that the DHA oil contains a full spectrum of phospholipids like phosphatidyl choline and serine. It may also contain a small amount of harmless sediment due to being unrefined.

Suggested Use Oil:

1-3 tablespoons daily, with meals will give you optimum benefit. Start with one tbsp per day and gradually increase to one tbsp for every 25kg of body weight per day.

Shake gently before use; any cloudiness is natural.
Keep refrigerated at all times to ensure freshness.

Always check with your GP if taking medication.


Liquid (available in 250 ml and 500 ml bottles) BUY NOW!

Unopened bottles can be kept refrigerated for up to months and for over two years in the freezer (oil shrinks when frozen; the glass bottle will not break).

Once opened, use within 4-6 weeks and keep refrigerated between uses



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